Pricing  – Perth birth debriefing sessions

To find out more about my Perth birth debriefing sessions, including what birth debriefing is, how these sessions may help you and what happens in the sessions, please see here.


Pricing for Perth birth debriefing sessions (women and men) is as follows:

2hr debriefing session Fee Concessions/under 18
Individual  $175  $160

Health Fund Rebates may apply through some funds.

Fees are payable in full on the day by cash, bank transfer or credit card only.  Prior payment is available via bank transfer or credit card.


Testimonials from previous clients can be read here.


Book your birth debriefing session

Birth debriefing sessions are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:15am to 4:30pm at my Gosnells practice.

Birth debriefing sessions are done individually as each person’s experience of birth is subjective and personal. Your birth experience is likely to be very different to your partner’s, in terms of how you each perceive the events that took place, the emotions it evoked both then and now, and how it continues to affect your present. Your partner is absolutely welcome to come along to support you though if he is having difficulties processing the birth himself, it may be best for him to book his own session with me.

To book your Birth Debriefing session simply fill in the contact form below and I will reply to your message with my available sessions:

Alternatively, directly book your session of choice here:



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Perth birth debriefing
Join my online support group, The Birth Circle – Perth South, with monthly meets held locally.